Fashion, Colour and Modesty

A book about the young influential generation of Muslims worldwide, Generation M, talks about the spread of Gulf culture in "the latter part of the twentieth century.  Signs include the proliferation among Muslim women around the world of the Gulf style of dressing, such as abayas and black clothing."  It's true, I've seen women from many Muslim-majority countries abandon their own cultural dressing norms to adopt the flowing long coat, abaya, and wear black, when in their own lifetime wearing black was seen to be outright dreadful.

Sies Markjan F/W 16
WSGN recently posted a great piece on fashion brands at the forefront of incorporating colour into their collections. Among them Sies Marjan, Finery and Rejina Pyo. All these collections featured silhouettes suitable for the modest fashion customer. In particular I loved this Sies Marjan blue and lilac combination.

Modesty and colour, do you think they mix well together?

Modest Fashion Colour