Romana Mirza Appointed Senior Researcher for IFDC

The Islamic Fashion & Design Council (IFDC) is pleased to announce its recently recruited Senior Researcher, Romana Mirza. On behalf of IFDC, Ms. Mirza will lead, speak on, and present modest fashion research findings on a global scale. IFDC Chairwoman, Alia Khan, states, “We are very excited to welcome Romana. We are always seeking talented individuals to help us in our quest to advance the industry. I believe she will make a wonderful asset to our mission.”

Ms. Mirza has been in the marketing and branding business for thirty years. Her background entails running a brand strategy firm, developing proprietary products, conceiving innovative events and launching international brands in design-related industries such as architecture, interior design and furniture. A researcher and brand strategist, her work involves conducting research and providing insights to support entrepreneurs, consumers and media within the modest fashion industry. She also manages a blog, providing insightful content discussing trends, brands and marketing topics.

According to Ms. Mirza, “The modest fashion industry is burgeoning with no slow-down in sight. Objective research, analysis and reporting is needed to understand and support this industry and its growth. There is limited information and understanding about the modest fashion market's scope and potential. My plan is to optimize this work through my role at IFDC.”

Furthermore, starting in September, Ms. Mirza will be joining a select group of students in Ryerson University’s, Faculty of Communication and Design, School of Fashion as she has been awarded the highly competitive Ryerson Graduate Fellowship to pursue her Master of Arts in Fashion. Surprisingly, Ryerson University is the only university in Canada to provide a Masters in a fashion discipline, making this a very unique opportunity for Ms. Mirza. Here, she will be able to conduct research for various courses, academic pursuits, and her graduating thesis: Fashion, Feminism, Modesty and a Woman's Right to Choose. Her research topic not only sparked the interest of the program’s director, affirming its relevance to today’s cultural climate, but it also further compelled IFDC Chairwoman, Alia Khan to offer Ms. Mirza her senior appointment at IFDC.

Ms. Mirza’s first point of focus for IFDC will be the upcoming release of the first consumer insights survey regarding modest fashion. To learn more about the market, Ms. Mirza has assembled the first survey of its kind addressing much needed answers surrounding modest brands, shopping habits, and demands. The modest fashion industry is undergoing a steep growth, yet industry players are still lacking the information they need to pursue consumer objectives. This survey will significantly help IFDC and its industry players understand the modest fashion market and solve the many mysteries surrounding it.
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