Outside of my current graduate work, I am available to lead or assist in research projects.

My MA research project is featured here: "Women Undercover: Exploring the Intersectional Identities of Muslim Women through Modest Fashion" The research methods used in this research were ethnographic wardrobe interviews and the arts-based method of digital storytelling.

Using a more traditional method, online surveys, I completed a consumer insights research study for the Islamic Fashion and Design Council, thought to be one of the largest studies of Muslim modest fashion consumers in the world.

Studies Lead to Strategy

When the ebb and flow of my graduate work allows I am able to take on projects developing brand strategies for organizations. This builds on my experience with the brand strategy firm I founded in 2007, Studio Pinpoint. Building on my 30-year marketing career, I can also lead and manage communication and digital marketing projects. View my ideal client profile here. If you're a match, we should talk!

Knowledge is Power

Research and strategy lead to insights. Insights may make you feel better but they don't do any good for your business, your bottom line or the world if you haven't got the tools and skills to tell the world about it. I've been trained as a digital storytelling facilitator at Project Re-Vision. I'm certified Level 1 and 2 in Ryerson University's Professional Development in Teaching Program and with the UK-based Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) program and I have completed the Instructional Skills Workshop. I lead workshops, speak at conferences, give public talks and help tell stories. Need to tell your story? Let's talk about it.
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