The Modest Fashion Consumer: Understood, for now.

Just over a year ago the Islamic Fashion and Design Council, based in Dubai, and I embarked on a research study to give voice to the modest fashion consumer.

This study took place as an online survey between December 2017 and May 2018, we received 550 responses and consider this to be one of the most comprehensive studies giving voice to the Modest Fashion Consumer.

The survey was divided into four sections.

  1. to understand the modest fashion consumer's definition of modesty; the qualities they seek and when they seek out new garments.
  2. to understand how and where they shop for modest fashion and to ask them to identify modest, retail, and luxury brands and evaluate them on several qualities including customer experience, product variety, price and so on.
  3. to understand their evaluation of the modest fashion industry by asking them what categories of modest clothing are too abundant or too few, what more they want to see from modest fashion brands and stores, things like sizing options, store locations or quality, and last asking them about how much of an impact having modest fashion in department stores would have on their buying decisions and purchases.
  4. to understand who influences them and how that influence impacts their buying decisions

Contact the Islamic Fashion and Design Council for more information and to access this study.

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