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Recognize ourselves in one another

Since 2004 we have heard the consistent, repeated call to recognize not a "blue America" or a "red America" but to recognize a United States of America. Repeatedly. Consistently. This message has prevailed throughout the campaign and now coming up to the inauguration.

Woven into this message and spoken clearly from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial yesterday by Obama, an invitation to find ourselves in one another. It's the ultimate strategy. It's not a brand strategy, not a business strategy, it's a strategy for change, for growth, for renewal, a strategy we are all hoping works.

"...if we could just recognize ourselves in one another..." Indeed.

So what's the brand marketing takeaway?

If you don't know yourself the strategy fails. If you don't know who you are - as a person, as a company, as an organization then how can you find it in another? Knowing yourself is where you begin. It is where your connections begin. Know who you are, the rest will follow.