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Celebrating Year One - Studio Pinpoint

Fall 2007
Studio Pinpoint was launched in September 2007, just in time for the IIDEX/NeoCon Canada show, Canada's largest contract furniture and interiors event. I marked the occasion with a presentation titled "Living the Brand". The presentation was targeted to furniture dealers who often represent several brand names, so we reviewed how to reflect the essence of each brand in sales to generate greater revenues. I'm delighted to be returning to the show again this year, and will be presenting "Building a Brand from Within". Many service-based businesses, like interior design and architectural practices feel like they are all saying the same thing about how they work and what they do. This presentation will give tools to understanding how to truly differentiate in the marketplace - by working from the inside out.

One of Studio Pinpoint's most significant projects last fall was completed with The Mansouri Group - a residential homes developer. Founded by an architect, this group demonstrates a deep sense of responsibility to community and to the built environment, and is inspiring to work with. As part of their project, we first developed the brand strategy and defined the personality, promise and essence of each of their family brands: Liza Communities, Scarlet Developments and Montglen Properties. Brand Identity by 52 Pick-up Inc.

bernhardt logo
Last fall also marked the beginning of our relationship with Bernhardt Design. Working closely with the design department to develop product positioning, this relationship continues today.

At the end of the year I made a transformative trip to Mecca and completed the Hajj
pilgrimage. On the way home I spent some time in Dubai. Neither leg of the journey will be forgotten!

Winter 2008
We kicked off the new year in collaboration with 52 Pick-up Inc. Our first collaboration involved the brand development for a new restaurant in Toronto. The owners of the now infamous Mildred Pierce restaurant - an 18 year-old institution - closed the doors with dreams of launching a whole new concept.
We worked diligently with these visionary leaders and developed the brand personality, promise, essence and positioning that were inspired by their dream. The new Mildred's Temple Kitchen is eagerly anticipated this fall 2008.
Brand Identity by 52 Pick-up Inc.

The collaboration with 52 Pick-up Inc. has also resulted in the creation of a business strategy, a brand strategy and brand identity second to none for Hush Inc. Hush is built on a foundation of redefining industry practices and reaches unsurpassed standards in every part of its business. This organization is focused on providing peace of mind to its customers and we're proud to help them deliver their message. Their unique vision has helped us to develop a brand positioning, a promise, a personality and an essence that investors and stakeholders can believe in. Hush is about to take the Toronto luxury home development industry by storm and we're excited to be a part of this. Brand Identity by 52 Pick-up Inc.

January 2008 also saw the launch of "Find Creativity in the World" - a blog designed for people wanting to break out of their routines and be inspired by the creativity the world has to offer.

To celebrate the end of the winter season - and the launch of the company, we hosted Studio Pinpoint's official launch party on March 19, 2008 at the Camera Bar in Toronto. Friends, clients and family came out to meet and greet, and to wish us success in our commitment to helping visionary leaders realize their dreams for their organizations.

Spring 2008
Spring was kicked off with a three week US Tour of Inspiration. This began in Pasadena, where I attended the Art Center Design Conference, Serious Play. This was followed by a few days in San Francisco where I attended a Luxury Marketing Council event. My next stop was New York City to attend ICFF the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. I rounded out my trip with two days in my favourite Canadian city, Montreal to attend SIDIM, Montreal's own design show.

Upon returning from the tour we took on Avyd Leadership Performance as a client. The brand personality sketch we've developed has inspired creative work, by Style for Style, to be launched this fall.

Summer 2008

The summer was celebrated with another party inspired by all the amazing women we know. We threw Web 2.0 to the side and hosted our own Summer Networking Event for Women (you can read more about it here). We think we've found an approach to networking that everyone can enjoy and we hope to host a second event in 2009!

Fall 2008
Our partnership with HUSH Inc. continues as we work to reflect the brand in every part of the business. We continue our product positioning work with Bernhardt. As for new relationships...we have a new client - an entrepreneur extraordinaire - who is focused on client service and product development like no other I've seen in my 20-year career - this is going to be a good one!
The presentation I made at IIDEX/NeoCon Canada was a huge success, with the largest attendance in any workshop being given the first morning of the conference. Building a Brand from Within resonated with several design business owners and we are currently speaking with two design practices about brand revitalization and business strategy support. Jamie Ridler of Jamie Ridler Studios and I also presented Blogging in Design Cyberspace where we emphasized how to launch a blog by understanding how to develop content and be passionate about it's focus and contribution.

The Future
The long term vision we have planned that takes us 20 years into the future serves as our daily inspiration. In the immediate future, we continue to build our team, adding great partners who work to the same high standards and principles that we do. 52 Pick-up Inc. is our strategic design partner and Vander Design our graphic design partner. Recently we collaborated very successfully with Enable Writing and Communicating with Clarity on a number of projects. We will continue to build new partnerships and will be looking for talented senior brand strategists and other bright minds to bring on board.