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We all say the same thing!

It happens all the time, especially in service businesses. I hear it time and again.

"We all say the same thing, I offer the best service, customized to my client's needs, the most innovative approach all the while being able manage costs to my client's satisfaction. So, if we all do the same work then what makes us different and where does our brand come into play?"

On September 25, from 8:30 - 9:30 AM I'll be talking about how to overcome this paralysis in a presentation titled Building a Brand from Within at the IIDEX/NeoCon Canada Exposition and Conference in Toronto.

The presentation will be based on my guest blog posting at Resource Nation. Here's an illustration of how the inside of your company can define your brand.

Two companies offer the same landscaping services and yet are very different.

The owner/operator of one may naturally be a very jovial guy, a real people person. He knows his work and does a great job but his approach is more friendly. Perhaps his way of communicating is more neighborly or even familial.

The second landscaping company operator could be just as skilled but she is more academic in her approach. She is polite and kind and treats everyone with respect but her natural focus is to educate her customers on what is being done on their properties and she has more of a teacher/student-type relationship with her customers.

See the difference? What you see emerging here are two very different brands.

They are different because they emerge from within.

All brand methodologies are very valid. Every brand strategy firm has a process some more complex than others. They all have the right fit with the right client need. What they often miss is the critical step: to ensure the external message matches the inside of the organization. When you have this match, you build trust with your customer and that breeds success.

I'll be speaking on how to pinpoint this internal uniqueness and making that match. I look forward to welcoming you there. If you wanted to come but can't let me know!
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