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Tweets and Plurks - there is a difference!

Are you twittering and posting tweets on Twitter?

Do you Plurk?

It's a way for friends or fans to keep an eye on what you are up to. Just tweet or plurk throughout the day and soon your fans or friends will learn about those exercise classes you take every week but never really talk about. They'll learn about your Sunday routine or, as my friends are finding out, how late I'm actually working these days (too embarrassing to mention!)
I've posted 185 tweets and 27 plurks, as of this writing. The Twitter format is very linear and text based. Plurk is more colourful and organizes plurks in a timeline so you have a sense of the day and time of the activity. I thought I had to like one over the other when I realized they are completely different.
Tweets are written in the first person "I'm...(insert what I'm doing in the moment here)"
Plurks are written in the third person "Romana Mirza loves/hates,/is, (insert what she's feeling here). When you Plurk you tend to talk about your feelings. When you tweet you're talking more about your actions. Well, that's what I was doing.
Tweets are about your activities, Plurks are about your intentions.
Tweets are a linear list of your activities and Plurks are about your perspective, what you love, hate, do, or want.
Plurk is dynamic content, colourful and Canadian!
Find me on Twitter or Plurk as romana_mirza! Tweet Tweet Plurk Plurk, oh what a....mmm, that's not working for me.