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Quiet Confidence

Quiet confidence captures the attention of a room when it enters.  Quiet confidence is humble, articulate, confident yet not arrogant.  It is pleasing and attractive.  Quiet confidence is aspirational.

From Larry Barnett, Ph.D. website:
  • It is not arrogance, conceit or selfishness.
  • Quiet Confidence is a more modest but real feeling of balance and stability.
  • Quiet Confidence is a sense of self-reliance that allows one to be at ease and cool under stress.
  • It involves the ability to live in the present and to see things as they are.

I want to see more corporate brands exude the qualities of quiet confidence.  Presenting your company and the sum total of who you are with quiet confidence instills trust with your stakeholders, customers, and employees.  Be who and what you are and step out into your marketplace with quiet confidence - that's what will get you noticed.

Some quiet confident brands: