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Design Without Borders

I met Joel Berman of Joel Berman Glass Studios at the ICFF Show in NYC this year. He and I were talking about organizations and how important it is to reflect the culture of a company in its brand when he told me about his exciting product introduction plans for NeoCon.

Joel's company has been a glass art design and manufacturing studio populated with designers, architects, and artisans from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds since its inception. Embracing its diversity, the studio has drawn upon the global influences of its team to create designs that defy boundaries and challenge convention. The result: Design Without Borders.

The Design Without Borders Collection product introductions will be designs that reflect a cultural mosaic, the collection embodies variety and embraces ethnic, cultural, religious and gender diversity. Genius.

This is a message of hope - that by using the universal language of design the end result will have a unifying influence on the lives of those it touches.

Pictured above is the Unity series, the first product to be launched in the Design Without Borders program. The patterns in the Unity series are drawn from the contemplative art of Islam. Islamic art itself represents a unification of elements found in a number of cultures and societies. Islamic art is nonfigurative; it does not attempt to imitate nature. Rather, Islamic art seeks to express the ideas of beauty and perfection through the use of geometry and symmetry.

Unity Designers: Joel Berman, Saleem Khattak