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Seriously @ Art Center's Serious Play

It's not easy for me to do but I'm breaking with my pattern and posting what I want when I want this week. I'm at the Art Center Design Conference: Serious Play and we've got some serious inspiration happening. Starting with Moschen:

And then there was the jump rope team. Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO said he talked to the kids backstage and they've been doing this acrobatic jump rope for 14 years and practice about 3 hours a day. He calculated about 60,000 hours of serious play there!

The featured keynote was Brown of IDEO. Check out their site. They are asking for "your big question". Mine is "how do you find creativity in the world?"

What struck me the most about Brown's talk was how to keep a spirit of creativity alive not only in your work but in your adult life too. He spoke of how, as Sir Ken Robinson put it "...children just have a go", they are not in fear of being judged. In order to foster creative work environments we should create at atmosphere of deferred judgment and friendship.

Watch Ken Robinson's TED talk, I listed this as a favourite in a previous posting, it's worth repeating here.