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Serious Play Day II

Overall this day was inspirational and left me with many aspirations. Some quick hits of inspiration:

Paula Scheer of Pentagram talked about how work can go from serious play to solemn play. She introduced some very interesting thinking and concepts here which I will be exploring in the coming weeks. Her basic thought was that when you encounter a project or a thought as a novice you enter into a world of serious play. When you become an expert in that field or application then it becomes solemn play. Interesting.

Aimee Mullins gave an amazing presentation on her journey as both an amputee and paralympic athlete, she is also a model and actress. Some of her messages hit me as gems of wisdom. Among them are:

  • start with what you want, then go!
  • force yourself to go into your discomfort zone - see things as always attractive.
  • practice your curiosity all the time.
  • any negative space is an arena for potential - she was referring to the space between her natural leg and the ground.
Petra Blaisse of Inside Outside spoke of bringing diverse disciplines together in their exploration of the connection of the interior and exterior. This fusing of multiple disciplines is arising. York University in Toronto has based it entire identity on interdisciplinary academic approach.

And then came Michael Curry master of puppetry and kinetic theatrical design. He said he rarely hires puppeteers to work with his creations on stage. He hires only dancers. The reason is because dancers can subjugate themselves to another discipline. I wonder what discipline I can subjugate myself too that will alter my experience of my work? Another major point the stood out for me was his passion for working in theatre, rather than film. He said: "...theatre has just the right amount of restriction". Near the end he spoke of the Golden Minute - that moment in time when your instincts just click in and you know it's the right thing. He said you can create these golden moments but you must take the time to do it. There is much more to share which I hope to post upon my return to Toronto.