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From Galaxies to Red Rubber Balls

Day One of Serious Play is done. There are about five posts in the material below. Here is a quick summary so you can start surfing now and find your own way. Or should I say "start playing now"!

George Smoot, a Nobel Prize winning Physicist told us today there are 100 billion galaxies. He asked: "What kind of design produced a world like that?" What kind of design indeed. The images he shared of the mapping they have done were like intricate maps of the brain.

Charles Elachi of Jet Propulsion Laboratory here in Pasadena told us of the many (17) robotic spacecraft roaming space. What stood out to me was the process "look somewhere else and do something different" - I like that! He shared details of the Phoenix rover that is being sent to the ice caps of Mars scheduled to land on May 25, 2008.

Stuart Brown, founder of The National Institute for Play had a lot of wisdom to share:
"...our right brains become attuned to one another in play."
"...play has a biological place like sleep and dreams."
"...play is the medium by which the brain and hands are linked."
"...play is born by curiosity and exploration."
He introduced us to Kevin Carroll's life and book:

Liz Diller shared their work in Manhattan on the High Line and their Blur Building, to me it's a building with no mass.