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Who is your hero?

I heard Ontario's new Lieutenant-Governor The Honourable David C. Onley, O.Ont. being interviewed on CBC Radio's Sounds Like Canada last Fall. As a former TV personality David is widely known in Toronto. This post is about David's inspiring comments on October 30, 2007.

I came upon the radio interview part way through, perhaps Onley was speaking about the influencers in his life or the impact of his public image on TV. What struck me was this. Most of us look to those who are famous, sports stars, actors and the like as role models. What Onley pointed out was simple and yet so strong.

A role model can be a star but can also simply be a person who helped you along the way.

Spend a moment today and find inspiration in the moments when you've been helped along the way by someone in your life. What was the inspiration in that special moment?

My moment was with a career mentor and role model. The inspiration in our moment together was simple and divine. She said to me "this too shall pass". We sometimes hold ourselves back because we dwell on the past, or get stuck in a present moment or fret for the future. This simple and divine statement has since helped me move through many difficult present moments into a place with movement, grace, and success! Thank you Susan.