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Do you know Ted?

Those who know TED know it really well - and then some of us just don't know about it at all. I found TED in 2007 and quickly learned that it's a yearly conference where the greatest minds of our times come together to share ideas. The world’s greatest minds brought to you in 20 minutes or less? That's cool.

The best part - we, those of us who aren't "tedsters", get to absorb the great presentations made at these conferences.

Why is this so appealing? The answer is the reason why this whole blog exists in the first place:

Get out of your box - your frame of reference - and absorb something else, from some place else - maybe that'll give you a thought, an idea, an approach to do what you do within your box in a totally different, radical, creative, thoughtful way! Now, wouldn't that be nice?

There are other conferences, ideaCity in Toronto, or the Art Center design conference in Pasadena - and others - if you know of others anywhere in the world please tell me about them!

Here are my favorite TED presentations:
Hans Rosling - Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen
Sir Ken Robinson – Do schools kill creativity?
Nicholos Negroponte – The vision behind one laptop per child
Majora Carter – Greening the ghetto

I'm attending the Art Center conference May 8 & 9, 2008. To keep track of what's inspiring me in the moment, you can follow me at twitter, I'm romana_mirza - or keep an eye on this blog!